Gorgeous Machines – Gorgeous Machines [Self-Released]

Release Date: February 2011.

Record Label: Self-Released.

Gorgeous Machines is a band that are ahead of the wannabe Californian desert rock posers, as instead of sharing the fuzz of Kyuss, they share the warm, relaxing tones of Yawning Man.

The Brooklyn quartet’s debut is likely to be filled alongside the tags of ‘cinematic desert grooves’, as each track is dunked in reverb and delay, while each riff is carefully crafted – cyclical and massaged. ‘Holler in the Night’ breaks the listener in gently, as its delicate instrumental loops keeps things light and airy, while ‘Harmattan’ braids together strands of trebly surf-rock over waltz-like beats.

Gorgeous Machinesis relaxing to say the least however, by the time ‘My Bohemian Life (Fantasy)’ gracefully fades, it is hard to stay awake, as each layer runs continuously until the tape runs out. This experience may prove to be too drowsy for some.

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